Yogeshwari Devi – Bhinmal Town


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  1. Prashant vyas says:

    Hi Thanks a lot to you people for uploading the things which we generation are not getting , Heads off to you . I would like to request you can you suggest me where exactly the ancient temple of mata yogheshwari is loacated , I have visited Bhinmal also but i found the idol is newly established there, so pls help me to found the ancient temple .

    Thanks and Regards
    Prashant vyas
    Cell- 09784532000

  2. JITENDRA VYAS says:

    I want to have the old Sanskrit poem “VAYAM SHREEMALI” which I have read on previous version of this website “shreemali.org”
    will you please republish on this web page or can email the same to me as I want to publish in our directory as the poem is not a poem but describing all and everything of we the Shreemalis.

    please do the same. Thanking you.

  3. Jitendra Vyas says:

    I want the sanskrit poem “VAYAM SHREEMALI” fro the earlier version of this website. Please publish or email to me.

  4. pranav s.vyas says:

    jai maa mahalakshmi sada kraipa rakhna….

  5. kajal says:

    kaushik gotra shrimali brahmin kuldevi kamleshwari maa

  6. Dangi brahmin samaj
    Name of the kuldevi

  7. Janak R Jalundhwala says:

    I am Shrimali Vanik, I would like to know kuldevi for gotraj of bhramin and vanik is same or different?

  8. Vivek Shah says:

    I’ve been searching like mad for the Shrimal Purana, specifically for chapter 70 on vanik gotras. What is the gotra for dasha Shrimali vanik, Mahalakshmi Kuldevi? Thanks in advance.