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Yogeshwari Devi – Bhinmal Town


  1. Prashant vyas

    Hi Thanks a lot to you people for uploading the things which we generation are not getting , Heads off to you . I would like to request you can you suggest me where exactly the ancient temple of mata yogheshwari is loacated , I have visited Bhinmal also but i found the idol is newly established there, so pls help me to found the ancient temple .

    Thanks and Regards
    Prashant vyas
    Cell- 09784532000


    I want to have the old Sanskrit poem “VAYAM SHREEMALI” which I have read on previous version of this website “”
    will you please republish on this web page or can email the same to me as I want to publish in our directory as the poem is not a poem but describing all and everything of we the Shreemalis.

    please do the same. Thanking you.

  3. Vivek Shah

    I’ve been searching like mad for the Shrimal Purana, specifically for chapter 70 on vanik gotras. What is the gotra for dasha Shrimali vanik, Mahalakshmi Kuldevi? Thanks in advance.

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