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About Us

Shrimal is a place in India’s state: Rajasthan . presently know as Bhinmal. Shrimal is a combination of “Shri ” and “Mal”. “Shri” is popularly interpreted as Laksmi , the goddess of wealth. “Shri” also means beauty and brightness, while “Mal” means place; thus Shrimal. About 800 years ago, it was a beautiful prosperous place where along with other castes, goldsmiths lived too, created pieces of beauty out of gold and prospered with other communities.

Unfortunately due to constant invasions by foreigners on the North-Western borders of India, Shrimal disintegrated and thereby received the name Bhinmal. In Sanskrit language, the word “Bhinna” means broken or seperated and therefore Bhinmal means broken place. According to Shrimal Puran, (part of Skanda Puran) due to the curse of Rishi Gautam and Goddess Laksmi, Shrimal Nagar decentralised and its prosperity and population come down. Since Shrimal Nagar suffered a lot, the people living there were forced to migrate. Most of them started migrating towards Gujarat and Marwar (Rajasthan). Most of the Shrimali Brahmins presently are residing in these two states; although they have moved to other countries and are presently established all over the world with their modern and traditional professions too.

Scholar and specialized in Vedic culture of India, we can be better identified as the “Shrimali Brahmin” in the Sanskrit Poem titled “Vayam Shrimali”, which means: We are Shrimali.